When I saw Calvin Klein’s ready-to-wear Spring 2015 line I was mesmerized by its innovative and fresh look. Head designer Francisco Costa took a different bold colored road on the minimalistic highway of Calvin Klein. Known for its sporty touch, this new line overruled the catwalk with elegant pieces combined with edgy elements.

For the collection Costa has made use of knitwear, just like last season. This time with more bare and fine pieces for the fresh spring breeze, instead of the warm and cozy look in February. With the ‘powerful sleek’ message of the show, the dominant silhouette features an elongated tunic-length tank, worn over a longer, fluid skirt or a pair of swingy culottes (my fav!). Other core pieces were the compact ribbed knits to sleek burgundy leathers and precision-cut jacket.

Something different as well were the color-pallete and the edgy elements. Instead of the pure tones the brand usually marks, this collection’s primary colors were the navy and bold burgundy, together with some graphic color-blocking tones (cream, navy, black). The lacquer red of a leather coat was the absolute showstopper, which was inspired by Andy Warhol's Mao Zedong portraits.  

Later on, the show progressed with a series of white, ivory and metallic variations on the same shape to keep up the spring’s freshness. For the edgy feel Costa added some cool elements like the platform sandals and slim metal belts worn high on the waist.