6 Fun Facts About Fay

Because I was so amazed by Fay’s Spring/Summer show in Milan two months ago, I did some research to one of Italians most famous brands and found a few fun facts which I wanted to share with you guys. Did you know….

#1. … that Tod’s is the holding company of Fay? The brand was taken over in the late seventies, and launched on the Italian market in the early eighties with a big success. Like you guys might know right now, I really admire Tod’s style. Back in June I sported their pastel loafers for summer and it was love at first sight. And it was meant to be: last October, Maurits and I traveled all the way to their flagship store in China for an event with Tod’s, which was really a special time. When it comes to fashion, the Italian know how to celebrate style in its deepest elegance; which Fay is all about as well.

#2. … that Fay started their fashion-roots inspired by American fire-fighters? The brand was originally set up in the U.S.A., and it became the American leader in casual work jackets wear. They specialized in the four-hook-coats, inspired by the jackets the fire-fighters worn. Still these jackets are characteristic for Fay’s lines, and they look really sophisticated, right?

#3. … that Fay’s typical look is called “double life”? Their pieces perfectly fit both during business and leisure, for chic city-life or adventurous outdoor times, and it expresses a sophisticated but still comfy style. Always with an eye for quality of workmanship, attention to detail, and the functionality of products. As you can see, I’d like to mix things up as well; edgy meets elegance is the way to go for me. So this brand really suits my style.

#4. … that Fay started with menswear? In the eighties Fay debuted with the first signature four-hook jacket for men. After that, Fay reinterpreting the coat many times using different kinds of fabrics, and thus it became an iconic garment of the brand. In the years that followed they designed revolutionary two-in-one garments for different weather conditions as well, highlighting the double life of Fay. Furthermore, they expand the line with knitwear, shirts and trousers.

#5. … that Fay’s womenswear is quite young? The womens section of the brand came to life in the early 90’s. With the brand’s background in menswear, they refined the garments in feminine forms. I really love this vision, since I’m quite often sporting the boyfriend look as most of you know. In this phase, that they were experimenting with their double-life style and blending classic and sporty looks together, the brand went international, and opened their first brand stores in Milan and Rome. Nowadays, they have high quality casual luxury collections for men, women and children as well. Especially this Spring/Summer show, which I’ve seen in Milan, supports this young and double natured style. It was laid-back and sporty with a playful graphic twist at the same time; I completely fell in love with it.

#6. … that the cartoon, visualized at several pieces of the S/S show 2015, was my very favorite when I was young? How cool is it that they build a whole collection around it, right?! The fabrics with eye-catching graphics from the cartoon Snoopy made me go back to my childhood; so Fay took the youth brand-identity very serious with this new line, don’t you think?