Styling Campaign sloggi Icons

I'm super excited to reveal and share my latest project with you guys. Remember when I flew to Copenhagen (Denmark) a few weeks ago for one day? (#negincopenhagen) We were invited by sloggi to celebrate its 35th anniversary with them. There was a presentation where we got to learn more about sloggi's history, their new campaign and the way it achieved such a strong name in the industry.

Sloggi icons
In sloggi's 35 existence they managed to come up with lots of innovative briefs that were very popular back in the day and that completely changed the way we look at briefs back then and now. These 3 game changing briefs the 'sloggi icons' were the: sloggi basic (1970), sloggi 100 (1980), and double comfort (1990). To make the storyline complete I also added sloggi's WOW from their most recent collection.

The main reason why I completely fell in love with the sloggi icons is that although they were popular decades ago, they still remain to be very popular nowadays in which these briefs are being used at numerous fashion shows and even for a spreads in Vogue's magazine. They have a vintage kinda of feeling to them almost comparable to how we view the vintage Levi's shorts. They are true icons, hence the name and #sloggicons on Instagram. A

After the trip I was so excited to get the opportunity to style a model (by my choice) in the sloggi icons for their new campaign. My trip to Copenhagen definitely inspired me for this. I wanted to keep it simple and let the beauty of both the model in combination with the sloggi's icons come through.

The 'social sloggi'
I also really wanted to add the factor that changed the modern sloggi icon compared to those of decades ago: social media. I think it's safe to say that we can't imagine our lives without Facebook, Instagram etc. anymore. So I wanted to create the 'social sloggi' expressed by always having our phone in our hands or our laptop lying around us.

What do you think? Ps. I just had to ask the model to take a sloggi selfie in the end. Talking about the social sloggi girl right? A

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By Malene Birger
Dante 6
L'enfant Terrible
Liu Jo
Smaak Amsterdam

Styling Campaign sloggi Icons
Styling Campaign sloggi Icons
Styling Campaign sloggi Icons
Styling Campaign sloggi Icons